AuthorPhoto_bigHi! I’m Eliza Marie Jones. I’m a writer, gardener, nail polish junkie, and artist. I live with my husband in Alberta, Canada in the same city where I grew up. Here, the summers are too hot for me and the winters are just right. The sprawling Old Man River and high level train bridge are practically in my backyard, nestled in the rolling coulees.

My faith in God is a big part of my life and the choices I make. I believe my writing talent is a gift and something ingrained in my soul. I can’t imagine being anything other than a storyteller, specifically with the written word.

I took website programming and graphic design in college, which comes in very handy doing all the non-writing parts of being an author. I’ve been writing since I was 15/16 years old (can’t remember exactly when I started, since it feels like I’ve always been writing).

Some random (hopefully interesting) facts about me:

  • I’m an INFP personality type
  • I hate ketchup
  • I hand write (pen and notebook) most of my first drafts
  • I love rain and thunder/lightning storms
  • Getting in the dirt and gardening is very relaxing to me
  • Despite love of rain & gardening, I have a huge fear of earthworms, both of which are present in the dirt and come out of the ground onto the sidewalks during rain!!!!
  • I own over 200 bottles of nail polish and change my nail design nearly every week. I’ve never been to a salon—I do all my own manicures.

I love hearing from readers, other authors, and just about anybody! I’m a definite introvert so the internet lets me connect with people from a more comfortable place. Part of being an indie author that I love is the great community and friendships I’ve made :) You can contact me with the contact form on this site, comment on a post, comment on goodreads, tweet to me or post on my facebook page.

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