On Authors Reviewing Books.

Just to be clear: this post is about authors posting reviews on other books, not their own. (I have rated my own book 5 stars only on goodreads, because I can. Because goodreads has a spot that says ‘review from the author’ for a reason.)

I LOVE books. I was a reader way way long before I was a writer. Every author starts this way, just like every actor watches movies before acting in them, every painter goes to art shows and looks at paintings before doing any painting.

I believe it is the right of everyone who loves to read to say their opinion about what they read. Why is it any different that I also write books? I know not all authors are like this, but personally I have a few “rules” for myself when I want to post a review:

  1. I am always honest. I will never put a negative review on a competing book to mine just to bring them down. In fact, I don’t even consider other books to be competition. People reading more is good for everyone, not just certain authors. But that is a discussion for another post.
  2. I never post a review less than 3 stars. This is because if I thought that little of the book, I probably didn’t finish it, or if I did finish reading it, I don’t want to have to think about it enough to come up with a quality worded review. Plus, I don’t want anyone to accuse me of putting a negative review a la point #1.
  3. I’m only posting reviews of books I genuinely want to read. I don’t know if this will change in the future, but as of right now, I don’t get any books from publishers to review, or other authors asking me to swap reviews with them, etc. I am only reading books that I buy with my own money. If ever I posted a review that was sent to me for free, I would state that in the review.

So whenever you’re reading what I think about another author’s book, it is actually what I thought about that book. I am fully supportive of authors who want to post book reviews. Reviews keep the industry going, and every author needs them, no matter where they come from. I feel I am supporting and encouraging other authors and readers by still reviewing what I read.

What are your opinions? Do you think famous authors like J K Rowling or Suzanne Collins should post reviews? Or just authors who aren’t so famous and wouldn’t get as much backlash depending on what they say in the review.