My TBR Jar

Like all authors, I read a lot. Obviously, I fell in love with reading long before I ever thought I might want to write my own story. I remember many, many library trips where I’d come home with at least 8 books each time after browsing for hours in the young adult section. Even before that, my parents have always let me pick what I wanted to read, and I’m so happy they did!

My impressionable mind was filled with dragons, magic, and tender first romances as well as death, redemption, revenge, mystery and bittersweet endings.

Recently, I looked through my bookshelves and my ereader and wrote down all the books (and ebooks) I owned that I hadn’t yet read, on slips of paper and put them in a jar. I figured, each time I finished a book, I could draw a random piece of paper and that will be the next book I read. My only rules for myself were:

  1. If I end up not liking the book, I’m allowed to not finish it and draw another paper for a new book
  2. If I draw the name of a book in the middle of a series, I’ll just read the first one, or the next that I haven’t read yet

Today, my husband, mother and I were on a trip out of town and of course I asked hubby if we could stop at the bookstore on the way home. This independent bookstore is one of my alltime favorite places, I just wish it were closer to where I live. I came home with 2 hardcovers and added their names to the jar.


On the trip back home, I finished reading an ebook that I’d drawn from the jar a few days ago, so I got to pick a new one. Funnily enough, after a lot of mixing and not looking, I drew the name of one of the 2 new hardcovers I just bought today!

Don’t you love randomness?

(And yes, my jar is totally a washed, reused Tostitos cheese jar. Deal with it.)