July Camp NaNoWriMo

Are any of you guys participating in Camp NaNo this summer? I didn’t get to do it in April, but I’m all set for writing the second draft of Ghost Hours next month. If any of you want to add me to your cabin or message me, here’s my username: phantasmagoricviolet

I don’t think the rewrite will be complete in July because it’ll be more than 50,000 words. I have my outline and research done, so I just need to start fleshing out the scenes and getting to work.

What do you think about writing a novel this way? Does the pressure or self-competitiveness urge you to write more or collapse your process? I love a challenge, so it’s very beneficial to me to have daily goals and trying to beat my own records. Just watch out about comparing yourself to other writers. No matter how fast or slow you write, you aren’t necessarily better or worse than anyone else. Feel proud of the amount that you can write right now and own that.