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Musical Inspiration

Book update: Rynlee’s Song is now titled A Song of Dreams and Demons and will be out sometime in early 2016 if I can make my deadlines with the other two books. Note: the content of the book will be the same, with some copyedits to fix grammar mistakes (the story will be the same) and I am only changing the title and updating the cover to have the new title on it, same picture on the cover.

A common question writers get is: where do you get your ideas?

This question bugs most writers (lol).

Here’s why, at least for me. I’ve been writing since about 2008 and over those years I’ve had dozens of characters walk into my head and begin their stories. The books I’ll be publishing for many, many years are simply fully written drafts of old ideas, characters and worlds that have been with me since high school. So it feels odd to me to talk about where they come from, as if asking where I get my long hair. Um, I grew it out over many years, it’s a part of me. Just like my book ideas are a part of me over many years. Now, as for how I got those ideas in the first place, here’s how that works.

It’s usually always from another book, movie, game, or piece of music. Rarely, since I write fantasy, do I get ideas from people around me or real life. Reality obviously plays a big role in the kind of books I do write, and inspires small pieces here and there of the story, but for the overwhelming majority of ideas, they come from other media.

When I’m reading/watching a movie/playing a video game/listening to scores and instrumental music/occasionally listening to music with lyrics, then I just imagine what if…. and scenes come into my head. Fully fledged characters who exist in my subconscious come onto the stage of my brain and start telling me about their life and their world.

I also, but not often, get inspiration from dreams. Two of the ideas I’ve been sitting on for years, waiting to write the first drafts, came from (separate) very specific, very bizarre dreams. The rest of my 20+ list of books to write are from movies/music/books, etc.

Rynlee’s song (now A Song of Dreams and Demons) has been a part of my life for so long that I really don’t remember what inspired it. Since I’ve been writing it over such a long period of time and growing tremendously as a writer, I only remember wanting to write about a girl who goes on an adventure with a boy, because that mostly describes the kind of books I like to read.

If you aren’t an aspiring writer, it might be hard to understand how alive and real characters seem to writers. Obviously we know they aren’t real, but I often think about and talk about my babies, as my bff and I call our characters, as if they were. These fictional people are a huge part of my life, and it’s kind of like going on many different personal journeys in many different people’s shoes, and then getting to share their story with the world once published.

Being a writer is amazing.

If you are just starting out as an aspiring writer and wanting to write a book, but you don’t have any ideas, what do you do? Here’s my advice: Go onto YouTube and search for “Two Steps From Hell” and click on any video that catches your eye. Click on related videos and keep listening to music while thinking about your favorite characters from other books or movies. Keep doing that until you find something intriguing enough to want to know more about.