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Free Writing

We’re all busy. That’s just how life works, right? Would you like to even get a few hundred more words written per day? It would add up to a chapter in a week or so, and a book in a few months. Without changing much of your schedule, you could have another (or your first) first draft finished!

I got this idea of “freewriting” from Susan Kaye Quinn and her amazing book, Indie Author’s Survival Guide. If you haven’t read it, get off my blog right now and go buy it! Seriously. Check out my goodreads review of it.

In her book, Susan talks about setting a timer for just 15 minutes first thing in the morning and writing about anything. Freewrite for those 15 minutes about whatever comes into your head. It doesn’t have to be related to any current WIPs and it doesn’t even have to be fiction. Just write.

The past few days I’ve tried this, it has done wonders. I love being in the moment of writing, of experiencing new things with my characters, and I’ve missed that. It really improves my day if I get to be creative (even just for 15 minutes) before I have to go to work or deal with life stuff.

Try it and tell me in the comments how it works for you!


Why I Love Writing

This past week I got very stuck on a WIP I thought I loved, titled Ghost Hours. I really didn’t want to write it and found any excuse not to work on it. Even though the characters intrigued me and I had it all outlined and ready to write, it was hard to do. Partly this is because after writing three chapters I realized the story better fit first person present tense, so I slowly went back and changed everything. That really made me doubly not want to write any more chapters. I’m sad that I’m so stuck and I have no desire to continue this story, because I think it’s awesome and needs to be told.

Here’s what I did. I pulled Clockwork Angel off my shelf (my #1 favorite series by any author EVER) and flipped through it, wondering what made me love it so much. It, and all my other favorite books, inspired me to write a list about why I love writing. What is it that makes me fall in love with characters and want to tell their stories? After writing this list, I realized there were a lot of things Ghost Hours didn’t have enough of and that’s why I was having such a hard time with it. I wasn’t writing the kind of book that I’d want to read! DUH.

I encourage all of you to write your own list and whenever you have a new WIP, run it through the list. Make sure this is a book you’d die to get your hands on if you hadn’t wrote it yourself, and then you’ll never lose your passion for writing it. This is everything I look for in a good book to read, so I want to write with it in mind from now on. Here’s my list:

  1. Very strong emotions – sad and happy
  2. Swoon-worthy romance, kisses
  3. Magic, fantasy and otherworldly elements
  4. The moments that make life worth living
  5. Redemption, forgiveness, faith, trust
  6. Real characters that make my heart ACHE
  7. Killer romantic tension
  8. Making hard choices

Post your lists in the comments, I’d love to see them!